Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Summer has hit here... Well, at least until this weekend, when we can actually be outside together.  As a result, J has been playing outside a ton.  He even requested dinner at 4 yesterday, while still with Ms. Angie.  I took advantage of this, and got him off to sleep by 8 last night.  That has not happened since the sun set before 8.

Update on his teeth, the two front ones appear to be turning gray.  Mr. M & I both noticed it in the last week.  We hope this is only a sign of his gums being bruised, and not anything more serious brewing.  I know the Ped. Dentist said we'd have to wait 6 months before being in the clear, but I'm not good at waiting...

As for J, he still does not get the concept of not running inside.  I think if I were to stay home with him, I'd become a robot who only says:

"Don't Run"
"What would you like for "
"Let's sit on the potty"

In pretty much that order. 

That fact that he doesn't listen, well... Here's proof...

Please note, cut on eye, bruise on forehead... Both resulting in J tripping over his own feet running to see me, as Mr. M & I were both saying stop.

Ignore the goofy mugshot looking picture.

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  1. That is what I love most about boys; they are rough and tumble all the way!