Friday, May 21, 2010

pre-bedtime fun...

I call Mr. M most nights before J heads off to sleep.  I think it is important for J to be comfortable talking on the phone & who better to practice with than a parent, right?

Plus, I know how much I enjoy it when Mr. M calls me before school - so I like returning that favour.

Anyway, it is a must to keep J calm when making these calls - or he simply will not talk.  But you cannot be too calm, or he will push buttons - inevitably hanging up on the person being called.  Plus, he likes to hold the phone & since I generally call the store, not the cell, I have to ask for Mr. M.  So I like being in charge of the phone until Daddy answers...

That said... Here was J during distraction time... With Baby Boost in the background.

(gosh, this top pic, makes his feet look sooo big... I'd never noticed that before)

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