Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheering Sox to a Win

On Saturday, Aunt Liz (aka Lucy) hosted J, his friend Dottie, her parental units & me (plus Uncle Jon & Kim in seats for away from the toddlers) for a baseball game.

The added bonus was the win secured by the Southsiders.

And the fact this mommy did not pull all of her hair out, a serious concern she had, as it was an emotional morning prior to leaving.  I had to use the promise of seeing Aunt "Lucy" to get J to get dressed.  Little did we know, Aunt Liz would kidnap him & give mom a much needed breather to relax & be ready to tackle buying food for 2 with Toddler on hip upon his return.

Sadly, I forgot to get a pic of Aunt Liz & J... I was thinking she'd be able to rejoin us & I could grab it then.  I did however, get a few other pics...

J & Dottie

J with Uncle Jon & Kim

This was obviously before Uncle Jon turned J loose on the fans at the park.  I apologize to the guy I rudely cutoff in an effort to snag J's shirt... However, I don't think he minded since all I heard was "Wow, great catch".

And one with Mommy...

Thanks again to Aunt Liz for a wonderful day!

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  1. He really is SUCH a handsome boy lady!! And it looks like you guys had such a great day!