Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Even though we had a late Saturday night, J was super excited about attending church today.  I even offered to let him sleep & he said "no mommy, we need to go to church"

Such a smart boy.  And well timed to motivate my less than motivated rear to be where I knew I should be & would feel very guilty if I had skipped.  Especially so close to Easter.

Walking in to learn it was Palm Sunday was such a treat.  The last Palm Sunday service I attended was right before my own Baptism two years ago.  I'm kind of shocked it has been two years.  Kind of like giving birth, Rebirth stands out as a moment that stands still for me.

All the way to church, J kept talking about how excited he was for class.  It was so cute!  Little did he know, he would be marching in the big church as part of the Palm Sunday parade reminiscent of the days the towns people laid palms on the ground for Jesus to walk upon.

The parade was not until the end, but when J came in, tucked in between the bigger kids, he had such a tender look of fear.  I could see him cautiously waving his palm, looking for me.  In that moment, I knew I needed to not let him see me, or he'd lose it & join me instead of marching.  So with tears of joy in my eyes, I hid behind the lady next to me.  His teacher spotted me pretty quickly & redirected J, having some of my same fears.

The kiddos did 3 circles around our church, and with each round, J got more confident.  By the 3rd pass, J was proudly and confidently marching.  He was waving his palm like he owned the place. 

And Miss Sara & I looked at each other and chuckled.  He is just so awesome & sweet.

All the way to Meijer, as we've started to make our weekly trip follow church, he chattered away about Jesus and he is dead & up in Heaven. 

With Simba's Daddy & Bambi's Mother, of course.

Love him!

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