Friday, March 30, 2012


J just made the cutoff for tball this year.  He had to be 4 by April 1st, so we signed him up... By "we" I mean "I", only to find out the cost was $220 to participate.

Say what?

After choking, I realized I had 3 weeks before I had to pay or he would automatically be de-registered.   Doing what any sensible "I don't want my husband to kill me for such ridiculousness" wife would do, I deferred.  After Mr. M got done choking, we decided to think about it.  By think, I mean, ask neighbors what was the deal.

Oh, this is the going price?  Right.  Awesome.

Alrighty then... Sigh.

J on the other hand, was over joyed at the idea of starting tball outside like the big boys (White Sox).  He kept asking and asking and asking "When is my tball practice?"

So to say he was ecstatic about his first practice is putting it mildly. And he did great. He remembered to step & throw.   He was jumping in there ready to play. 

Which relieved my fears of J being the youngest.  Standing next to him are two of the 6 going on 7 year olds.  As opposed to my newly 4 year old.
 His coach is awesome at working with the kiddos.  J's strong swing, but lack of watching the ball has resulted in a few tipped T's.
I'm impressed how much he has improved over the last few weeks, with his coach & Mr. M working him just a couple of times a week.

I wish it would warm back up.  Mommy would be way more excited about working with him outside if it was warm...

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