Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another reason I love FRA...

J's school is terrific about encouraging the development of its students beyond textbooks.  Yes, learning to read & write is important, but learning how to speak in sign language, or Spanish is just as important.  Learning how to apply math concepts to wood working in conjunction of learning 6 needs an additional 4 to equal 10 are reinforcements to encourage the kids to want to learn.  It drives them to want to practice things that could be boring, if forced upon them.

Last week Mr. M asked me to get a picture of J with his current on display art work.  His degree in English Education causes him to love the school's support of the arts as much as I love its mathematical expertise (2012 Math Bowl State Champs!). 

It was a wonderful wall of blue skies, green grasses, with adorable sheep - with the uber special sheep thumbprint faces.

How cool, right?

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  1. Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for your comment over at The Shoe Box! Your son looks like a treasure. Too bad that we don't live close....I am sure that our sons would be best friends! Ha! I love your blog!