Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meal Plan Week 1

Okay, so I'm new at this whole - menu planning.  Work add to the chaos of our life.  But I am determined to improve J's eating & this is a small step towards that goal.

Week one: 
Monday:  whole grain blueberry waffles
              salami sandwich, apple slices, and yogurt
             strawberries for snack
             Tacos with grapes
             half of an apple for dessert
 He at 1 & 1/2 tacos with about 20 grapes

Tuesday:  whole grain blueberry waffle 
               salami sandwich, grapes, and yogurt
              (tball practice/Miss Cheryl dinner)
                   Chicken fingers, sweet potato fries & strawberries
               a piece of gum for dessert

Wednesday:  hot dog with grapes
                   hot lunch at school
                   sugar laiden snack with snack with Daddy
                   Steak with apple slices & grapes (in place of Spinach salad)

Thursday:  whole grain blueberry waffle

               pb&j, grapes, and yogurt
               Strawberries for snack
              Dinner out with Miss Kari - Chili's

Friday's Plan:  eggs
                    Pepperoni, strawberries, yogurt & apple slices
                    snack bar?
                    Pizza & a Movie family night.  Starting new traditions

Saturday:  Who knows?  I know we will be having sloppy joe's for dinner, but the rest will kind of fall with what we plan.

Oh, wait, we may be going to my ILs, so maybe I just make them & we snack on them on Sunday...  Either way, I'm feeling very good about this week.  Even I've done well with not eating out for the most part... We are not yet eating all the same foods... I mean, I prefer hummus & black bean chips to waffles for breakfast, but at least we've made the start to prioritize one family meal together a day.

Life is so good & we are so blessed!

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