Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Such a sweet heart

I often tease J about being "Mother Man" as he has a natural tendency to be maternal.  Skye doing something she shouldn't, he'll get right in there & help Miss Wendy redirect her.  Or if she needs help, he will always be the first to offer to help her. 

Even when we don't necessarily appreciate the help, we love his willingness to jump right in.

Recently, J's been having an issue or ten about going to school.  He simply wants every day to be the weekend.  And while I'm all about that as well, as we discussed yesterday, that just isn't in our cards right now. 

I actually was worried enough about his reluctance to enter school, as he started saying "School is scary!" with such a look of true fear that I reached out to his teacher.  Normal resistance I could handle.  Resistance based in fear.  Yeah, not so much.  It was really pulling on my heart strings, which in turn pulled on my emotions & my ability to keep my head above water & balance all the balls I juggle daily.

Here was our email exchange:

My initial email:

How is he doing today?  He is starting to say “school is scary” in the AMs.  He always says he has fun afterwards, but it make mornings kind of rough.  L

Mrs. Bach's response:

Hi!  Hmmmm, that is puzzling because he always comes in the room with excitement and a big smile on his face!?!  He is having a great day.  He was so sweet to give one of his classmates a special welcome this morning as she had returned after being sick all last week.  She was having a little trouble letting go of mom and he went over and gave her a hug and told her how glad he was that she is back!  Awwwwwww! He is such a sweetie!  Can I keep him?!!!

Can I just tell you just how much hearing about J's big heart & caring soul did for me that day?

And he is like this every.single.day.  He truly is the joy of my life.

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