Monday, March 12, 2012

Pink eye... Again?

Why yes, I discovered Saturday... We have been visited by the pink eye monster yet again this weekend.

Since Grandma M had him at the Children's Museum on Friday, and he was showing no signs on Thursday morning when I dropped him off at school - I'm not sure exactly where he came into contact with it, but really?

This will make the 3rd time this year.

Between medicine & sleeping in excess of 13 hours Saturday after returning from grandma's (nap time was caught in 50 mins on the ride from grandma's to the Y, and another 45 mins while we were running errands after swimming).  He plum fell asleep around 3:30 standard time and with the exception of my waking him to do his eye drops at 8:30 and try to get him to eat dinner, he was asleep until 5:30 standard time, 6:30 savings time Sunday morning.

It was crazy.

But I was thrilled to have my happy go lucky little boy back Sunday.

We made the most of the day.  Groceries, lunch, even an hour of active outside play.  Followed by a nap.  He slept a good 3 hours, at which point Mr. M woke him up.  We did dinner and off to bed for the Monkey.

We skipped church, as I didn't want to pass on the pink eye. 

Today marks the first week of warmer Spring weather & we are so excited.  Hope to enjoy some of it!

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