Monday, April 23, 2012

Season Opener

"Let's play ball"
 Or not...

Mr. M & I had many discussions on whether or not to sign J up for this year's t-ball.  He just barely made the cutoff to play.  In the end, we went with the 'eff it' attitude thinking what could the worst thing be that could happen?


A week ago yesterday, J's coach made a off-handed comment in regards to J being one of the best players on the team.  Mommy soared with pride, especially when you realize he is playing with 6-year-olds.

What a curse... Last Tuesday J spent practice in tears, and yesterday - OMGosh what happened to my player & can I please have him back?!?!?! 

At practice, I would stand on the field with him to help keep him focused, but during the games, I need to go no further than the dugout.  Sigh.  J had a really difficult time with me not actively being involved.  And that stressed out me & Mr. M, which in turn stress J out. 

As pitcher, J was randomly focused.  He'd grab the ball coming his way, but he'd also throw his mitt in the air if they were working on hitting.  He'd run off the field if he wanted to high-five, fist bump, or just "tell me something".  It was craziness.

To start 2nd inning, J was to the catcher.  He was all excited about getting to wear the helmet, then his coach said he didn't need it, then the Ump said he did.  It was a complete cluster to start the 2nd inning. 

It ended with J refusing to wear the safety helmet to play catcher (granted, he did face plant due to it being so heavy when he went to pick up a ball) & Mr. M deciding it was time for us to leave, prompting a massive meltdown by J.

We are now questioning on whether J is simply to young to play.  Are we pushing him to hard?  Initially we thought it couldn't hurt, but now I'm wondering if it is too much for him.  Tomorrow he will go to practice pretty much straight from school since Miss Cheryl is on vacation.  This will be new for him.  It will be interesting to see how he does without his normal downtown, especially since I will be standing with the moms & trying to put more of this on his Coach setting him for success on Sunday.

I hope anyway.

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