Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This year we really tried to expose J to both components of Easter.  On the fun side, he had the bunny, the egg hunt, the loot.  And on the more serious side, we did Palm Sunday and Easter services.  We talked about Jesus rising from the dead.  About Judas betraying him. 

And of course, J was totally confused, as we been trying to convey once you die - you go to Heaven, you don't get to come back to Earth as a baby.  J is in the "next time I'm a baby" phase.  It's cute, but oh so confusing when tied in with the Resurrection.

I find J challenges me.  He requires I think outside of the box to answer his questions in a way that he understands.  Last night we read an less modern version of a Mickey Mouse story, and I tried to explain what an orphanage was and why it was so nice of Goofy to give all his race winnings to buy toys for the kids in the orphanage. 

While J was up early, doing his nightly migration to our bed, he didn't actually want to check out his basket until the sun was up for the day.  Mommy & Daddy were truly grateful.  However, once the house was moving, J was all about the basket. 

And it was filled with goodies he was so happy to find.
 Angry Birds PJs, and two games (one with actual pigs & birds), reusable Spiderman lunch mates, and jeans in size 5, plus some White Sox gear.  Of course, the bunny left an actual bunny, but so far he is happier with the sugar free gum.

Mommy swoon.
 Requisite Easter Spring picture.  I knew he was in the sun, but it wasn't until he took the picture that I realized the impact the sun had on him.
J asked for "Pocket Full of Sunshine" on the way home, and I simply cracked up when I spotted him sitting so sprawled rocking it out on the way home in my mommy eye-spy mirror.  The next stop sign I snuck this quick pic to savor for all eternity.

Love him!!!
I honestly don't think anything could have made this boy happier than this game.  He immediately started asking if we could do "Family Game Night".  At 8 in the morning.  So yes, he was beyond thrilled for us to commence it after dinner & nap time. 

He's even gotten pretty good at knocking the pigs over.  Mommy still has to read the full directions & learn how to incorporate the cards and such for point, but right now we are just having fun playing it with just the pigs, the birds & the sling shot.

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