Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Nights

Tonight J & I continued our Friday pizza & a movie night. It was so much fun! For starters, Miss Wendy & Skye joined us. J was rather bummed to realize Skye did not cherish this dinner & a movie as much as he does. But J was happy to snuggle on the couch with me and watch Puss n Boots together. Wendy & I were able to catch up on the chaos that seems to be invading our lives recently without dwelling on any one thing. Mainly it was nice to sit with a glass of wine & just relax. No driving required, so simple & so nice. We did find a super yummy wine tonight. I've found I really enjoy the sweet delights of reisling wines. Being from Michigan, I liked the idea of supporting a local winery. I'm so glad I did, as I stumbled upon a reasonably priced bottle of wine that was a full bodied delight to my tongue. Grand Traverse Select - Sweet Select Reisling. Truly enjoyable. J is surprising me more & more with the words heis learning. Between having to know how to spell things to communicate in ASL, or simply developing, he astounded me tonight when I spelled ice cream for Miss Wendy to approve prior to offering to Skye, only to have Mr. Monkey spell it out to himself & respond with "ice cream!!! Yes, I want ice cream!! It is crazy to me that he is picking this up. Id be lying if I didn't admit it makes reading & such a whole lot more fun... J's home opener is Sunday. Should be a great weekend!

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