Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Painting Time

We had such a fun weekend!  We spent Friday entertaining a friend of J's from FRA, his mom & little brother.  We played inside, at the park and back to play downstairs.  Even though nap time is around noon for the little one, we pushed it till closer to 2 and wow did everyone nap & give us momma's a couple free moments Friday afternoon.


I was all prepared for Sunday on Friday afternoon.  Delightful!

Plus, good times spent bonding & enjoying good company.

On Saturday, J and I just simply enjoyed not having any responsibilities.  Simply relaxing.  We played together.  We snuggled.  We napped.

We painted eggs.
 J being the clean kid he always is... He loved not getting all dirty while doing the eggs.  :)

Such fun & colorful addition to our Easter decor for Sunday!

We made a taco dinner for daddy.  J is having so much fun helping me cook in the kitchen.  I love sharing this time with him, even if it is only getting him to expand his choices slightly.

This weekend was awesome! 

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