Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Fun!

I always make sure J eats breakfast.  School days are easier when he has a shower before school, as opposed to the night before, simply because he eats more quickly.  It is not impossible to get him to eat without a shower, it's just easier to get him to eat on my time schedule when he does.

As a result, weekends are generally more laid back these days... If he doesn't eat before church, bummer, but he'll survive the hour.

Before swimming on Saturday though, I've become kind of a stick in the mud he has to eat, and it has to be full of whole grain, protein, fibrous goodness... I don't mind him having sugar, but I ensure it is sustainable for all those laps in the pool.

This Saturday we mixed whole grain bread with no sugar added jelly and natural peanut butter, trimmed in a peach slice, marshmallows, chocolate chips & M&Ms to J's delight.
He ate every bite, minus the marshmallow eyes, with the request for a strawberry hook next time. 

I do believe, I will become an expert at making Mater faces... I realized, I forgot his headlight... Silly mommy!

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