Monday, February 6, 2012

Making OJ in 3-simple-steps

We've been introduced to Super Agent Oso during our morning routine while daddy was out of town.  It is a Disney show that teaches kids simple tasks in "3 simple steps" and is all very Charlie Angel's *esk...

J loves it.  This morning he & I did a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in 4 simple steps, had to add in the dinosaur cutout.  :)

As part of becoming 4, J is actively trying to become more independent.  Part of it is his desire to sleep in his own bed, but another part is picking out his clothes has all of the sudden become a big deal.

Whoever would have thought we could argue over his uniform?  Really kiddo?  Choices are black or tan pants, white, gray or maroon polo (short or long-sleeved), black or white shoes.  Really nothing to argue, other than I will not let him wear the same.exact.selection two days in a row.

Oh the tragedies of having me as a mom.  I know.

Anyway... Oso introduced making OJ.  J was so intrigued.  He bugged me afterwards to make it with him.

I'm not sure why I was not excited about it... I love fresh squeezed OJ.  Mr. M had me get oranges upon his return so we had them. 

That said, as a reward for his going to sleep in his own bed all week, J asked to make OJ.  How could I say no?

And so we did. 

Step 1:  Select your oranges

Step 2:  Have an adult cut them in half

Step 3:  Squeeze
He was so focused.  I had so much fun & totally kicked myself for not jumping at this opportunity right away. 

We added ice & happily sipped away. 

I did have to chuckle at J though... As badly as he wanted to really enjoy this juice, like his mommy, he actually asked if he could save it in favor of water.  He enjoyed it a lot more when the ice cubes had melted & it was watered down.  I think the freshness was a bit to strong for his taste buds.

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