Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ribs, Ribs & more Ribs...

Mr. M introduced me to a favorite of his.  The Patio.  While we were dating, I sucked it up & ate food I didn't really enjoy in order to not offend this really awesome guy who was trying to introduce me to Chicago's greats in hometown restaurants.

Portillo's would be another, along with Giordano's Pizza.  He tried to sell me on Greek Town, but it is so different than Detroit's I had a really hard time enjoying.  During my tenure at the RenCen working for EDS, I loved my weekly treat to Greek Town, and I was truly sad to realize how different the food was here.

Anyway, back to the point... J has been tasting our ribs since he was eating people food (as opposed to baby/infant food). 

Over the past summer, it has been in supplement to his own meal.

Lately, however, he is taking over 1/2 my slab.  In perfect timing of Mr. M eliminating excess red meat from his diet, J is stepping in to enjoy the 2nd half of my slab. 

Since he is not a potato fan, I've been rounding out his meals with fruits.

We did have to caution him, those bones are not for Payton's enjoyment.  She did get to sneak one in before we stopped him.

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