Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day started out as delightful as mine!

J & I were up a bit late last night, being 9 pm, as I got home from work after his true bedtime & I realized I'd forgotten to ask Miss Cheryl to work with him to finish up signing & stuffing his Valentine's for class today.

But like a champ, he was up and at'em today all smiles for his classroom party.
I wish I knew how to fix camera phone pictures to not white out like this...

I do have to say, signing J's Valentine's with him was a learning experience for me.  A coaching experience for him.  Mr. M & I love all the opportunities it exposes J to, and some of those are not as delightful as diversity, woodshop, Spanish & Sign languages.  Some are experiences dealing with children who face challenges of their own.  And in some cases, kiddos just have bad days.

J repeatedly told me who each Valentine was NOT for in his class.  I repeatedly explained why his thinking was insensitive.  I mean, I get not wanting to give a Valentine to someone (child X) who never wants to play with you, but at the same time, I asked how he'd feel if that person didn't give him a Valentine. 

Or, more realistic, Okay, so you are mad at child Y for hitting you the other day.  I understand that.  But you have to forgive that child.  When J admitted he didn't want to forgive and forget, I asked how he'd feel if I chose to not forgive him for hitting me.  His eyes grew huge and he said, he wouldn't like that at all.

I laughed, when he then boldly stated - Okay child Y gets a Valentine, but not Child X.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

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