Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated with a group of kiddos from J's school & few friends from our former mom's group. 


We left the house with J telling me how each one of his 'best friends' was coming to the party.  Matt & I were celebrating in J's happiness, as it was so contagious.
But we were busy little bees getting ready for it... J helped me decorate the gift bags...  We had food allergies to be cautious of in our gift bags, so instead of Dove chocolates like last year, we opted for Starburst, Spree's, Sweetarts and Organic Suckers & Gummi Bears.  A little something for each sweet tooth. 
And loads of fun toys... Glo necklaces, yo-yo's, whistles, bouncy balls, stickers, bubbles, etc... 

J & I loved seeing smiles on his friends faces as they left with their bags turning sad no-more-jumping faces into big smiles.

Thank you to those who joined us for making it such a fun day for Monkey!

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