Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dedicated to Mr. M

J cracks me up on a regular basis with things he says.  His ability to comprehend, or at times, totally miss the comprehension will forever mystify me. 

a perfect example of these J-isms is:  Discussing my grandparents being in Heaven.  Out of the clear blue...  J will say...

When I'm big, Grandpa Barger will be my son.

Obviously, what we've said, went so far over his head.


What doesn't go over his head is quality time with both Mr. M & me.  Since moving J back to his own bed to fall asleep, he is very good about not letting my long days at work interrupt or cheat him out of his bedtime story.  The surest way to start the water works is for me to say I'm too tired, I want him to just tell me about his day.

So now, we've started the new routine of him telling me about his day.  Then we do a story (some nights are quicker than others, but there is always a story). 

Mr. M has his own version of quality time with J.  They take off for Jump Zone, or to the bakery.  Mom isn't known for buying the sweets daddy is good at doing.  Mommy also puts strict limits like having a doughnut after a whole grain extra fiber waffle, where daddy says - doughnuts are breakfast.

For the most part, Daddy is fun & I'm strict.  That said, Daddy steps up when he needs to, and J respects that Daddy can make that switch.  Mommy's time outs don't really pull any tears, but if Daddy does it, man oh man... He'll try to stop being upset so I will start his time out, but he is just so upset over Daddy being mad at him that he flounders a few times.

Since I worked on Sunday, Mr. M was in charge all day.  A day that started at a whopping 5:45 AM & did not end until I walked in the door at 7:30 PM.  We lost a much loved co-worker, and as a result had a crash course in all that he did in the midst of it being due.  It was a long hard day.  A truly emotionally draining day.  And I topped it off with a quick trip to Target for Trail Mix supplies for FRA, and of course the Valentine's for Mr. M & J.

Mr. M made my day immensely brighter by texting me this picture:
J would live in this, if he could...

J was so proud & delighted with talking non-stop about his day with Daddy.  Especially since Daddy does not have the nap skillz I've developed over the past 4 years, he was really wound up.

Then yesterday, Mr. M woke up with a massive, knock you back on your bed, migraine.  Since it was his day off, he took meds & went back to sleep... I figured this meant no Valentine's for me...

But I was wrong.  And J & I delighted in how wonderful & thoughtful it was of Daddy to get me flowers.   
J made me smile this morning as he cooed over my flowers again, saying how, tomorrow, for Valentine's Day, he was going to get me pink flowers because he loved me too.

Doesn't get much better than this... Knowing he will keep this all close to his heart as he grows, makes it all the more special. 

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