Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Monkey!

And with that... Today you are 4!!!!

You started the day out super early with our morning run to Great American Bagel for your snack for the class. 

Frosted Bagels, of course.  Just as you chose.

Mrs. Bach let me know everyone loved them, and you had so much fun telling me all the kids who enjoyed them.  Then with the saddest face a birthday boy should never have, you told me Sofia did not like them at all.

I still have to draft your 4 year marking point, but I'm not ready to do it.  Mommy's have a hard time adjusting to the fact you are 4 already.

You on the other hand, not at all.  You went to your bed last night after Miss Cheryl left, happy to go to sleep on your own.  We had the best few minutes of snuggle time talking about your day.

You started & ended your day telling me "I'm 4, so I can go to J-K now."  I felt so bad having to explain over and over about how you have to finish with Young Scholars, enjoy summer - THEN you can join the kids in J-K...  

Slow down kiddo... You are growing up to fast for this mommy's heart.

Tonight you have the Festival of the Arts provided it doesn't blizzard as forecasters have predicted...

A Crow you will be.

And forever my Golden Prince.

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