Thursday, October 6, 2011

Y - Soccer

J is so excited for soccer this fall.  Matt has been working with him outside going around the house dribbling the ball, and he's been working downstairs with the net.

I'm not sure who was most excited for how well J did last Saturday.  J, me or Coach Chris (the YMCA program leader).  Coach Chris made the point to say to me how amazing the change is in just 6 months.  These kids grow & change so much it is mind blowing. 
 Notable improvement:  dribbling the ball (when no one was directly in front of him), stopping with his foot, instead of grabbing it with his hands & his two handed overhead throw to the team.
 He LOVED playing goalie this time & had a couple of really nice assists to his teammates.  He has a strong centered throw. 
I'm so happy he seems to be enjoying this more this season.  But I'd be lying if I didn't say... I'm still looking forward to basketball this winter... :)

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