Friday, October 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday's

While this week, we seem to be experiencing a warm trend, last Sunday it was just cool enough for the M family to desire a PJ day.  Matt & J have been fighting off colds, both with the help of antibiotics, and both seem to need another visit to the Dr.  :(

Normally J is ready to roll by 7AM, however, last Sunday he did not wake up until much closer to 8.  I had stayed up reading, so I wasn't quite ready & Mr. M was sawing more logs than the nearby forest has in it.  I was able to persuade J to let us just migrate to the couch, where mommy could grab another hour of snoozes courtesy of Sprout. (or as J would say...  

After that, we made eggs & had breakfast.  Matt finally joined us as we were finishing up our breakfast, so the boys rough housed downstairs while I did laundry & kitchen cleanup.  When I was done, I joined the boys to straighten up downstairs.

Once this was all done, we declared family nap time.
And what a blissful nap time it was.  The perfect pajama day!

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