Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FRA - Learning Languages

Neither Matt nor I excel at any languages outside of English.  In my defense, my high school Spanish teacher was so mean to me because she thought I was cheating my way through it like (ahem) Uncle Jeff did 4 years earlier.  I tried to explain, if I was cheating, wouldn't I have a better grade?  No dice.  Finally the principle stepped in & move me out of the class, as there were no other teachers.

Anyway, to avoid such fun for J, Matt & I were thrilled to have him start his additional language study this year.  He is not only getting Spanish, but Sign Language.  Mommy has already asked for Sign Language lessons, as one of his awesome before school teachers is deaf, and while she is an excellent lip reader, I would love to be able to communicate to her beyond saying the usual Hi, Bye, and Thank you.  Mrs Bach delighted me with the fact they are in fact developing a book to send home for parents to work on with their kiddos.  Maybe by next year, this can become a goal. 
 Spanish...  First, J has his teacher conned.  She has repeatedly told me what a pleasure he is to have in class & how good he is doing with picking up on Spanish.
 I think he just stole her heart the first week when he demonstrated his "Mr. Mom" mode of recent behavior & told everyone they *had* to wear their sombrero's or Dora would be mad.

As in Dora the Explorer...
 Love this kiddo!
And I hope he keeps his Spanish teacher's good side, as she is super sweet to always tell us how well behaved & good J is.  Actually, Matt & I keep hearing this over & over again from all his teachers.

And yes, that ends the mommy brag moment.

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