Friday, October 28, 2011

I see the light...

Come Tuesday, we will submit our 2012 business plan & I will be done with my obnoxious work hours.  At least until the next forecast, but that is limited to 1 day, not the entire month as I've recently experienced.

J will get back more mommy time & mommy will get back more mommy time.  The upside of all this is Miss Cheryl has had more than a few opportunities to set a firm routine with little man.  A routine, that I then get to build upon when it is just me & him. 

Mr. M is still not a huge fan of routines & following schedules, but I'm hoping he'll get on board as J gets his groove.

Right now... Right now Miss Cheryl & Mommy are mean & he wants Daddy.

And that is just so sad...

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