Monday, October 3, 2011

FRA - Mini-Me

Let me start by saying the adorable teacher featured here is J's first crush.  He officially asked her to be his "date" for the bonfire.  They set the date for 4:45 to meet at the park.  When asked by another teacher if he had a corsage for Mrs. Sandoval, he promptly informed mom "we HAVE to go get one!"  As we were leaving school, J asked Mrs. Sandoval to ride with us "because Mommy has a spare seat belt in her car."

Yes, we all swooned over him, and he was left to look at us like we were all crazy.

When I saw the picture below, I saw me.  Anyone who knows me personally or has ever worked with me for any length of time, has seen this exact action commenced with exuberance & excitement over a job well done when I didn't think I could do something or it rather challenged me. 

I like to refer to them as light bulb moments of success.  Seeing J replicating it, well, that just does this momma's heart good.  Everyone needs to cheer their successes.

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