Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FRA - Show & Share + a J moment!

I have to start by sharing a recent J moment that happened last Thursday as I was driving J to school... We often say... Monkey see, Monkey do... Monkey says "I love you" and then rub noses when I buckle him into his car seat.  After this normal routine J hits me totally out of the blue...

J:  Mommy, we need to buy me a little brother or sister
Me:  (totally cheating) we do, do we?  Alrighty then.
J:  Yes, I think baby Caleb would be perfect to come live with us.
Me:  laugh (while thinking - I'm sure Aunt Kristi would love that)
J: Mommy, why are you laughing
Me: Cause you are adorable
Me: walking to the other side of the car bewildered
J:  I AM NOT A GIRL!!!!  Girls are adorable, so I cannot be adorable.
moment passes
J:  But Mommy, I am cute
Me:  Yes, J you are cute

Best way to start my day...

Young Scholars have show & share.  Girls have their day on Tuesday's and boys have their day on Thursday.

J looks forward to this every.single.week.  It is so funny.  We spend so much time planning out what he will take to share.  It is supposed to go with the theme of the week and / or color of the month. 

So week one, we geared all up.  J was taking Mac because Mac was red.  And who doesn't love cars. 

So how shocked was I when I got the pictures to see J's first Show & Share to be about Southpaw, who in person J is absolutely terrified of, but a backpack adornment, he won't be caught without...

Now J wants to take him EVERY week.  Mr. M & I have been strategic in removing him stealthy so J doesn't become distracted & talks about his topic relevant item...
Wk 2 was talking McQueen (red month) with Tractors (farm week) & last week was a magnet strawberry (red month & grocery week).  

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