Monday, October 10, 2011

80 degree October Fall Weekend - Stealing Moments

Busy, busy weekend... Grandma & Grandpa P came in on Friday to spend the weekend.  Daddy left for Vegas on Saturday after work.  Soccer on Saturday. 

Grandpa P checked off his Daddy Do list for me... Pool is closed.  Furniture is stored.  Power washer is winterized. Check.Check.Check.

Grandma P helped mommy on Sunday make all the fruit kabobs for J's classroom for snack today.  Check.

And mommy got all the laundry done.

Play time in the sunny warm weather?  Loads of it...

We ended Saturday with a trip for ice cream.  We meant to hit Cold Stone, but the idea must have been pretty universal as the line was out the door.  As an alternative, we hit McDonald's.  J was pretty happy having a cone  Mommy stuck to her Coke Zero.
 The next morning, Grandpa took J to the park to play while Grandma & I were doing the kabobs.  This was a dirty, tired boy at nap time... So when Grandma & Grandpa left, J wanted to sleep in their bed.  I was good with it, as it'd keep his sheets clean.  :)  Grandma had already pulled the sheets & put the room back in order, so we compromised, & just slept on their couch with the blanket - since I need to launder it all up anyway...
Sadly we said our winter good-bye to Grandma, as she is heading to Marco on the 24th.  We'll miss you!

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  1. Oh it is DEFINITELY not ice cream weather here anymore! I am totally jealous!