Monday, July 12, 2010

Zoo Outing

Is what J did during his overnight with Grandma & Grandpa M.

They went all over Brookfield Zoo.  Mostly pulling an empty wagon & checking out the exhibits.  Until J got tired, but being away from mommy & daddy - he was exempted from his nap, so he allowed himself to be pulled in the wagon instead.

My understanding is he had a lot of fun petting the chicks, but goats were a little out of his comfort zone.

However, such touching of farm animals ensured that Mr. M would put up with no overtired meltdowns over showering before bed.

And mommy, prepared for such activities had dinner on the table when he walked in the door, clothes in the bathroom for expedited movements, and we had him off to bed by 8:30. 

The classic line of the night was right before he fell into an exhausted sleep...

"No sleep mommy.  Where's Grandma?"

My response was "Sorry Bud, Grandma is at home & you are back to my rules & it is time for sleep"

"No mommy"  thumb sucking.

And moments later, the sweet sigh of him drifting off to sleep.

Mr. M, who is a firm believer is jinx, did not speak of how easily J went down.  Neither did I, but to our utter & delighted disbelief, J slept until after 9 on Sunday.

Granted he was still a tired grouch.  Asking for milk, then crying over getting it.  Asking for a bagel, then crying over our leaving to go get it. 

I had arranged for my friend Kari to come lay in the sun with J & I on Sunday, since Daddy was off to a game...  I was nervous, J LOVES to swim.  Loves to jump & splash.  Loves to make you get your hair wet, with "your turn!" after throwing him so he splashes in the water.  Mr. M started it, but I jumped on board after seeing how he giggles when you perform for him.  It ended up being the best time for all of us... J was so tired, he didn't want to really swim & play, preferring instead to snuggle up on my chest as we floated on a raft in the pool.  When he started to really settle in, like nap mode, I got out with him & rocked him in a chair.  That lasted - two minutes tops...

So Kari took off around 1 to let me get J off for a much needed nap...  He was not in agreement however...

Again he asked for Grandma.  Again I told him she was home, and regardless, it was nap time.

He fussed.  But after 15 minutes of tossing & turning, sighing & stalling...

He drifted off... For two and half hours...

Waking up a wonderfully rested and different kiddo.  We had a snack, Daddy came home from the game.  Laughter filled our home, delighting my heart & soul...

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