Monday, July 26, 2010

J related Update....

J had his first lunch downtown at Park Grill on Friday. We ate outside, and lets say - J enjoyed feeding the pigeons his chips. Guess, it could have been worse - he could have fed them his hot dog & ate his chips. I also ordered him corn on the cob, a favorite of summer - only he did not enjoy it grilled. However, it was not as sweet as some of what we've been getting at home, so that might have been part of it.

J & I recently made a point to get to know our neighbors to the left of us... They have a daughter who will turn 1 in August. Very sweet, and as J says "Cute Baby!" And I've joked with the mom, Wendy, that is why I appreciate that you are a Stay at Home Mom, for when these kiddos are 13 & up.

I read a local Chicago Mommy blogger and she wrote about how she took her kids to see the Wiggleworm for free in Millennium Park. Of course, I was all over that. First, it would fun for Jacob, and second - it was free. Well, minus the parking fee.

One thing I miss about living in the suburbs, is how easy it is to overlook all the culture the City has to offer us... Wendy & I talked about taking one Friday a month to dedicate to coming downtown. Check out the Museums, the Zoos, the Park events, etc.

J & I decided we would definitely do this again before summer is over. We even asked Mr. M if he'd be able to sneak out of work to meet us downtown for lunch.

As for J's reaction to Ms. Wiggleworm.... He loved it. He even stayed put to shake the maracas with the other kids, as opposed to trying to escape, as he may or may not have tried before realizing this was fun... :)

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