Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting ready for his overnight with Grandma & Grandpa M

It's quarter close, with an early review = mommy works the weekend.

Since our results will not even be available until late tomorrow night, I asked Grandma M if they could watch J overnight.

She more than happily accepted.

So, tonight, I pack J's overnight bag.  I start to mentally prepare myself for J's big overnight away from me.  It has happened before, and it always makes me sad.  I'm trying really hard to not fall into my normal chant of "work sucks" in these moments.

I just really hate that it is invading my time with him.

I know that he will have a wonderful time, and be spoiled beyond his hearts desire with attention & love, but not having him by my side.  Not having him under my roof - even if I'm not there b/c I plan on coming in to work Friday night... That is hard.

But this is good for both of us.  It's another step of his growing up & becoming more independent.

And like I said, I know he will be loved on... Endlessly. 

And tomorrow morning, J & I will get bagels, come back & hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can swim... If not, then we will snuggle on the couch & watch movies & read books.  We will pack our usual Friday & Saturday into Friday morning/early afternoon - so I can savor that when I am at work missing him.

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