Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Daycare Vacation

Ugh... I somehow deleted this post...

So beyond annoyed right now... I've been having problems with blogger all week, and this is really...

Just the icing on the cake.

Big highlights...

Grandpa P spent a week of caring for J, ending with installing a basketball pole in 97 degree heat on Sunday.  It was wonderful for me & Mr. M as we got to sleep...   Grandpa put him to bed, got up with him in the night and in the morning.

J did really well, considering we were coming back from vacation.  At the end of the week though, he was ready for mommy time.  He napped better when I put him down, and slept better at night, when I put him down.  Grandpa was great when "Mommy's working", but by the weekend, J knew it was his time with me & wanted it.

Grandma P also enjoyed the week here... We got to catch up on mother/daughter stuff... She enjoyed watching my dad care for J, as he was so busy working when my brother & I were growing up, he missed a lot of the daily stuff - like fixing breakfast, changing diapers, ensuring naps happened.  Plus, she got to lay in the pool, while Grandpa was doing the naps.

Mr. M had been working with J on front face floating.  I'd been working on back floating.  Grandpa & Grandma worked with J on kicking.

On Monday night, J swam without his jacket - face in the water front crawl for Mr. M.  We are hoping he doesn't forget it by the time we have a chance to work with him again this weekend.

Eating... J ate steak.  It was flank steak, but still.  He ate 2 pieces on his own.  So Grandpa P showed me how to make it.  He also enjoyed chicken off the grill.  Corn on the cob.  Still ignores asparagus, potatoes (excluding McD's), and pork tenderloin.  I totally enjoyed coming home to a real meal prepared for me upon arrival.

I already miss that.

Alright... I think those are the highlights from my deleted post.  :(  I know the first one was better...

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