Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bed Time Fun!

With the sun starting to set earlier, J is starting to go down more easily at his normal bed time.  Bed by 7, asleep by 7:30.  Earlier in the summer, this was a real challenge, generally not making it to bed until closer to 8 / 8:30.  Summer is so short, and I love it so much - I didn't want to start bedtime anymore than J did... And Mr. M has been making an effort to try to sneak out of work to see him every night... It doesn't always happen, but it was nice for the little while we had it.

That said, after J ended up in timeout at daycare for hitting a girl, Mr. M & I decided we needed to get more strict on our time enforcement.  We see such a direct correlation between his emotional outburst and its relation to his either being hungry or tired.  Sometimes, both.  And Mr. M had his first of what we assume will be many discussions on why we don't hit girls - even if they hit first.  :)

So last night, taking advantage of Mr. M's out of town-ness, I went for the 'bed by 7' rule to just see how bad fall was going to be... I wanted some idea on if I can do a quick switch, or if we need to start early in August with 15 min. increments.

J did awesome.  He helped me pick out 4 books, all of which had to be read at least twice, his aircraft book was a 3 time read.  He was cracking me up because I'd say "this is a jet plane...", "this is a biplane...", etc...  and he'd correct me with "No mommy, that is an ahrpane".  I'm not sure how to help him grasp the concept that there is more than one type of airplane.

We rounded the evening out with "The Belly Button Book", a story about hippo's standing around in bathing suits to little, hoping you will admire their button on their middle.  J picked out the baby, the daddy and on the second read was perplexed - "Where's the mommy?"

So when I flipped the page, and saw "the daddy, the baby" a female hippo, then a male hippo, then another female hippo I jumped on it to resolve his distress... I said - "There's the Mommy. There is Uncle Jon. And there is Aunt Liz."

J responded exuberantly - "There is daddy, baby, mommy & Aunt Lucy!"

To which, I just laughed...  None of us are sure why J has renamed Mr. M's sister, but renamed her he has...

Oh, and sleep... Went pretty easy... We both drifted off somewhere between 8 & 8:30... Mr. M woke me up at 9 with the vibration of my phone... Otherwise, I might have just slept in J's bed because I was out for the count.

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  1. I love when kids name the characters in books... so much fun!