Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stolen Moments, courtsey of thunder storms & meetings

Mr. M being out of town Monday night for a meeting early Tuesday morning, meant - I do daycare. And since I worked so much over the weekend, I felt no guilt in staying home with J until daycare opened.

These are such stolen moments for me... The ones I don't get on a daily basis working.  The ones that make me wonder how different my life would be with a different work schedule, if I was able to ever go part-time, or if I end up back 5 day a week at some point.

Yesterday's stolen moments were enhanced, thanks to a thunder & lightening storm.  I had already been awaken, thanks to a 60lb puppy who was not happy with all the lights & noise outside.  Then around 5, I heard J start crying for me.  With Mr. M's guidance in mind, I set a 10 to 15 min in my mind to see if J could calm himself back down to sleep.  He quieted around the 10 min mark, and I was breathing a sigh of relief - when a loud bang happened outside.  Knowing what was coming, I started heading to J's room.  I felt so bad, when I found him hiding himself under his dresser going "my mommy!  my mommy"

It lights my day the way his face lights up when he sees me... And he was already headed back to bed, but since my alarm clock is in my room, I asked "how'd he like to join mommy in bed".

It is amazing how quickly he can move when asked for a special thing like napping in mommy's bed... Such a treat.

I had to laugh because, Mr. M's pillows were available, but J had to share mine.  Along with my covers.  He patted my back & told me he loved me.

And I was reminded, how much I love stolen moments & why I should be thankful for thunderstorms.

We both slept until my alarm went off at 6. 

On the flip side, dropping him off at daycare sucked.  He started crying as soon as we entered the neighborhood.  "No Angie Mommy"

I hated taking him in with big oceans of tears pouring down his face.  However, he did allow Angie to take him & snuggle him.  She had the big Mr. B on awaiting his tearful arrival.

And by the time I got in my car & started it, she was already calling me to let me hear how calm & happy he was... She had him laughing & talking about what they would do for the day... 

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