Friday, July 16, 2010

Atlantis Trip - quick daily run down

Our trip was too quick we've decided.  We had just gotten in a rhythm with how things worked traveling with a toddler, when you are unsure of being able to take things like "box of milk" vs. buying there... Horizon's box of milks that do not need to be refrigerated are so handy with traveling & making sure J gets his daily allotment, without requiring people to buy for him - especially because he'll get in his moods, where he just won't drink it.

That said, our routine on Friday was -
wake up around 9'ish
lunch at pool
pool for about a half hour more
boat for nap for J & Mr. M, while I laid in the sun on the boat
dinner - J declined to try the delicious Maple Molasses glazed Pork Tenderloin with the side of cheese and scallion grits
Considering I went to school in North Carolina this was a true shock to me, but grits can be good - when done right.
post dinner walk to the marina shops in order to get pizza for J.  He ate almost the entire piece.  A piece large enough to feed him and me in a normal day.
shower & bed by 7:30 CT (8:30 ET, the zone we were in)
Mr. M may have sneaked out after kissing J goodnight to play some poker, which was cut abruptly short when another guests toddler ralphed on him.  Yes, I'm putting this in here b/c I find it totally hysterical, in a 'what are the chances kind of way"  Mr. M, on the other hand, did not find it funny in the least.

wake up around 8:30'ish ET
pool just before it opened at 10
marina pizzeria
boat for a nap for J & Mr. M
dinner of Fillet Mignon with pan roasted asparagus with fresh tarragon... Again, I was in heaven...
post dinner walk
Back to the boat for shower & bed around 8:30 ET
after J was asleep, packed so we could play in the morning

wake up around 7:30, obviously J was adjusting to the time change
pool at 9, killed time in a relaxing pool until the kids pool opened at 10
moved over to the kids pool at 9:30
Meltdown 9:35 when he realized he couldn't go on the slides yet

Distraction of swimming in another part with mommy & daddy
9:50 J realized he was being distracted and started moving back to the slides
9:55 another meltdown

Yes, J is preparing to hit me... It may or may not have been b/c Mr. M & I were teasing him (as a way to redirect) about Mommy taking pictures of his 9:55 meltdown.

10 slides open - happiness resumes

Played until noon, when we headed back to the boat for lunch, showers, and last minute packing to be ready for our taxi at 2:30

J loved the slides... Loved them... Mr. M & I found it worked best if we tag teamed, where one was up on the slide gym waiting for J, and one of us was at the bottom by the slide bath to help pull him out before the next kid came racing down... His happiness just jumps off the pictures even... It was amazing... We are most definitely going to go back here...

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