Thursday, April 22, 2010

They say...


And I've always pretty much subscribed to this notion too.  Until last Saturday, when (in public, mind you) my son pulled a stunt that was his mom obviously only done in the privacy of her own home all day long.  And sadly, not knowing anything else to do, I promptly removed the plate & handed it to our waiter as he passed by to check on us.

Then, last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I witnessed J doing it again.

What is this shame inducing imitation you ask?


Yes, I've been known to lick a bowl or never mind clean.  Granted I do it with decadent things like - ice cream, chocolate, cheese - especially cream cheese.  My son, he'll do it with syrup (hence, Saturday's public shaming) or no sugar added applesauce.  He's not picky.

And it is just not me he imitates... He gets some of it in his gene pool.  You see, he followed Mr. M & Uncle Jon down the path of having furniture come crashing down as a result of him trying to scale it.  Although, Mr. M - who was sleeping while I was working & thought J was sleeping too, bares no blame for this.  Some how, I was supposed to *know* J would do this & teach him how dangerous it is.

Seriously!?!?!?!  How exactly, would I teach a 2 year old that?  :rollingmyeyes:

Oh, and by the way - J's fine.  The dresser landed on his right arm, but he didn't even show any signs of bruising last night.  The dresser however, needed some repairs.  I think I may be investing in some wood glue to help secure stripped screws from one of drawer slider rails.

Moving on...

On to less mortifying news... It seems we've graduated from sleeping on the floor, when J wakes up a night - to moving back to his bed.  Last night, J woke Mr. M & I up around 3 - something.  I managed to sleep through most of it, as Mr. M was already on top of dealing with J's screaming down the hall for mommy.


Mr. M - J, mommy is sleeping, do you need a diaper change?

J - No, MOMMY!

Mr. M - Okay J, go back to sleep, it is still sleeping time


And sure enough, he went back to sleep.  And when I checked on him when my alarm went off (4'ish), he was safely tucked back into his bed. 

For the record, had I done my usual & gone in to comfort him - he'd have still been awake when my alarm went off & proceeded into a full out meltdown. 

Daddy has mastered this task, and I am so thankful.

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