Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glimpsing at the Future, Seeing the Past

It is so fun to watch J grow & develop into his own person. When I see glimpses of the past, it gives me an extra boost to my day. I’m certain Mr. M experiences this as well.

I grew up in a pretty basketball friendly home. My parents even leveled out & expanded our driveway to create a real life size half court for my brother & me to practice. (Okay, so I preferred sitting on my rear end eating Girl Scout cookies & drinking Mt Dew playing with my Barbie’s, and Uncle Jeff preferred me to fetch his ball)

Mr. M and Uncle Jon have told Jacob, and therefore I’ve gleaned into their past – of days playing basketball in the house on a hoop similar to one J has now. Let me tell you, theirs was MUCH nicer than the ‘over the door with only a Nerf ball' Jeff & I had indoors. You can actually get a real life feeling with it…

And much like my brother, his dad (aka Mr. M) & his dad’s brother, J loves to play basketball. Last Thursday, I had a ton of errands to run in preparation for Easter, and since it was going to be such a great day – I wanted J to enjoy it – rather than be cooped up in the car running errands with me. Granted, I’m sure he would have loved a trip to Toys ‘R US, but the running in the yard at daycare with all his buddies was waaayyy more fun. And I have no doubt; he would have hated the trip I made next door to DSW.

Plus, this ensured, J got a good nap to keep him in good spirits for Grandma M when she came over that night so I could attend Mass & present the Oil of Catechumen blessed for 2010 at St. Michael’s.

And the point of all this is… Before we started the day, J, happy to have Mommy home on a rare Thursday morning, took full advantage to get her up & moving with a quick game of basketball.
Followed by a refreshing drink…

Looking so much like memories of my past with my brother I get weepy, because his personality is completely his own & I know I’m seeing the futute.

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