Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being Stalked

This has been a rough week for both J & me.  Started on Sunday with my working 10 hours at work, followed by a 12 hour Monday.  As a result, J has been having a really hard time going to sleep this week.  Generally, Mommy falls asleep first, leaving J to wake her up continuously in hopes of more playtime.  Releasing shouts of unhappiness when his request is denied.

Plus, I think our little man is getting ready to grow again.  As he is eating us out of house & home these days.  Last night, and please don't judge - like I said, it has been a rough week so I wasn't up for fighting about fruit & veggies, J ate 2 hot dogs, 5 oatmeal cookies - small kid sized, a couple handfuls of Doritos’s, and drank 2 Kool-Aid waters plus half of his plain water straw Nuby sippy.  He sampled my raw green pepper - promptly spitting it out in disgust, and a carrot off my plate - which he immediately offered to Payton.  Sigh...

I had a half of my last Cold Stone visit still in the freezer, because my brain has finally conquered the idea - it's okay to save it for later.  So I pulled that out, while J was eating his cookies on the couch while catching a few minutes of "The Goodnight Show" on Sprout so I could sneak my ice cream clean up the kitchen.  To which Payton started stalking him. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

However, one commercial later, and it was me was being stalked by a short little man... Cookies were left on the counter ledge & off he was to join me in the kitchen.

As I cleaned up the dishes, something caught my eye - Yeah, Payton had not forgotten about that left behind cookie, and in retaliation for not being given a cookie - or a bite of ice cream jumped up on the couch & following J's lead for leaning on the back of the couch - shimmied herself right up to eat off the counter like any other member of our family.

I may or may not have wished thought about recreating even I had a camera to capture her boldness.

Fabulous... Does this mean I have to look forward to a 60lb dog hanging out on my counter now? 

Relax, if it does, it means I will be rearranging my living room.  As much as I love my dogs, that would be more than I could bare.

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  1. Too funny! I would freak at a dog eating off my counter top, so I totally feel you on the furniture rearranging!