Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 year old clarity…

Recently J has said some things that have had me cracking up over what he says. And I’m certain he is laughing at me – or annoyed, depending on the situation…

How do I know this?

Example 1:

J had eaten a good nutritious breakfast of 2 eggs with cheese, pineapple, and water, because I’m a good mom like that… However, being me, I followed his breakfast with my own of Tostitos covered in cheese & salsa with a Diet Pepsi.

And of course, the bottom-less pit J had to join me.

J: Mommy I love ‘potato chips’

Mommy heard: Mommy I love ketchup

Mommy looks at the salsa…

Me: Oh Jacob, this isn’t ketchup, this is salsa. It is much spicier than ketchup.

J: (laughter) I didn’t say ketchup Mommy. (big smiles laughter)

Mommy heard: I didn’t say ketchup Mommy. You big moron.

After some back & forth, I figured out J was saying potato chip. However, we both got a good laugh at what a moron I was trying to guess what he was saying…

Example 2:

We had just finished breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my BFF Kari. This came out of nowhere, and actually ended up finishing while we were grocery shopping a short time later.

J: Cock

Me: cock? Do you mean peacock J?

J: Cock

Me: or do you mean cop?

J: Cock

Me: coP where you puff out that p sound?

J: Yeah cock

Lovely… Just what I need J to refer to our neighbors as…

Oh, then I really laughed, as we were in Meijer’s, and as we went by the window, J says it again. I look outside & see a TRUCK driving away.

And there was clarity.

Me: Jacob – are you talking about that TRUCK that just drove off.

J: Yeah tr-uck

And mommy can sigh a relief, the other word may just have parted our company for a while. Hopefully.

Example 3:

J was playing downstairs & I said it was time to clean up so he started cleaning up... During the process he dropped his box of crayons...

J:  Oh No!  Crap!

And there was no mistaking who he got that one from... In all of its clarity...

And when he said it the other night after I had just gotten done admonishing Mr. M for his use of the F-bomb in front of J, he threw it in my face lovingly pointed out that word was all me... And to further his point, he said "You don't hear him repeating F-U-(well you know the rest)" 

To which, I'm just thankful...

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  1. I love the crazy things kids say! Just makes me smile!