Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Busy weekend... And I will get to pictures, just not tonight...

Big news...
  • J was very excited by his Easter Bunny visit
    • To the house, not for pictures
    • Grandma M tried, but that was a no go
  • While not much into 'hunting' the eggs, he did love popping them open
  • I was baptized during the Easter Vigil (yes, it really was 3 hours)
  • Mr. M, Grandma M, and my best friend Kari all celebrated it with me
  • Aunt Liz supported from the sidelines of J Duty
  • Spring is finally here...
    • celebrated with shorts
    • celebrated with trips to the park
    • celebrated with many trips outside
  • J can now open the sliding glass door
Alright, that is all my brain can process right now...

I will try to get pics up this week...

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