Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Surviving the Car Wash

I'm not sure why, but J has become scared of the car wash.

Probably because I rarely use it. 

oh be quiet, if you worked where I do - you'd know it is pointless because the next day I go to work, I will get a layer of who knows what raw material coating my car in a layer of dust

However, since Spring is still new here, I've been better about trying to keep my car clean.  So I took it for a swing through after getting gas on Saturday.

And J managed to find a way to make it through without doing much more than a small whimper.
Granted, it took my hand, and he was not hapy when I moved it to drive forward.

However, he was so happy when I said "All done"

Wow... I just realized, he still looks pretty distressed.

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