Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wiggleworm - A downtown *free* event

J & I asked our neighbor if they would like to join us downtown on a Friday to see the Wiggleworm at Millenium Park. This is a free music class for everyday during the summer. Although, between parking & lunch out - it was far from free. However, this was our first time in the City, I have to say - it was totally worth it.
And in fact, as I mentioned before... I've decided J & I will be doing something one Friday of every month that will introduce both of us to the culture of the City. We live so close to Chicago, it'd be a shame for us not to take advantage of all it offers.
When I told my mom about it, she was so worried my neighbor Wendy, and her daughter Skye would not have a good time, because Skye wasn't even 1 yet. However, she is a little mover & shaker & was all about getting right in there & enjoying herself with J.
Both of the kids were so wide-eyed at the kids, the music, etc.
Ms. Wiggleworm
The kiddos...

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  1. My son's dad and I divorced when he was small, but one good thing that came from it was his dad's moving back into the city. It created a great opportunity for my son to "live" there and in the 'burbs. (He went into Chicago every other weekend.)