Friday, August 13, 2010

Driving Grandpa's Boat

A week ago, I had to get my blood drawn in the morning, and afterwards, J fell asleep in the car on the way to breakfast.

So I detoured.  I let him sleep.  It was only 9, way to early for his nap, but he obviously needed to catch up on some sleep from his busy week, including a night out at Grandma & Grandpa M's.  He ended up sleeping around an hour.

We went by work.  He had SOOOOOO much fun getting doted on by pretty much everyone.  I have to admit, I enjoyed hearing how cute & adorable & well behaved my child was...

As we were going home, around 11'ish, I was happy.  Relaxed.  Out of the blue J says "Go see Grandpa."

Me: "We could call & see if Grandma & Grandpa are free" totally thinking he was talking about my in-laws, with his having been there this week.

J then said "Go see grandpa's boat!" 

Ahh... He was meaning my parents.  Got it.  Thanks for the clarification kiddo...

So we called.  They were free & would love to have us for the weekend.

We rushed home & packed & headed out before the mad rush on Friday night. 

J took another hour and half nap while I drove to my parents, which was just fine by J, as he was all fueled up to take on his big job of driving the boat.

We were there by dinner, with time for a quick run on the boat.  Of course, this was followed by a trip to get some ice cream, because driving the boat is such hard work - J had obviously earned it.

Then Saturday, we ordered pizza & ate it out on the Lake.  J thought it was pretty neat to feed the fishes his pizza crust.  :) 

My mom & I got such a kick out of how J just followed my Dad around.  He was out there helping in the garage.  When grandpa turned the driving of the boat over to grandma so he could eat, J took his lunch break too.  Grandpa helped things by continually offering J different things to do, like his tricycle or playing ball, or running up & down their road, etc...

Look at that focus...

It ended up being a great trip for both of us...

I'm so glad he suggested it.

And sad by his being old enough to request it.

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  1. How wonderful that your parents are close enough that you can do a sponetaneous trip like that though! It looks like J had a blast! ;)