Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flying Planes & Peacefully Sleeping

J & I headed to my parents on Thursday night with Payton. 

My mom's birthday is today - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  and J & I wanted to treat her to her (and my) favorite restaurant.  Olga's.

When we were walking through the mall towards Olga's, J saw the coin operated toys for the kids.  Of course he had to have a ride.  He picked the closest, which was also one of the biggest.  He was adorable, because he kind of scared him. 

But he was also totally in awe, and by the time it was over, was ready to go again.  Only way for us to get to lunch was to agree to stop on the way back through.

Unfortunately, his flying pig war plane was taken, so he went on a smaller plane.

While he enjoyed it, he asked to fly the pig a second time before leaving.  We happily granted, this time showing him how to push the button for gun fire & bomb dropping. 

He LOVED pushing buttons to make sounds.

I know, you never would have guessed that.  :)

Now that we've spent a few weekends traveling, J is proving to sleep like a champ in a big bed without rails... 

As peaceful as he looks there, however, he is a little mover & shaker when not attached to my side.  He woke us both up at one point almost rolling off the bed.  Well, actually just himself, as I was reading so I saw it happen.  What amazed me, was how quickly he startled himself awake and caught himself, before I could even react to what was happening.  Once he settled back in closer to me, we put the pillow back up beside him, that he'd rolled onto to sleep & he crashed right back out for the remainder of the night.

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