Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday Party - Allison turns 2

J has a very good buddy in daycare, Jack.  He has a little sister Allison. 

Can I just say how weird it is to hear my son call someone by my name? 

She recently turned 2.  And J was invited to help celebrate at Gymboree with her.

We had a blast. 

Although getting there was a bit rough... I asked if J wanted to go see Jack & Allison, and Erica (another girl from DC that was going).  Big mistake.  HUGE MISTAKE.

No.  No Miss Angie!  complete with tears.

Finally I convinced him it was NOT at Miss Angie's, when we pulled up to the Gymboree place.  And by then I'd grown to calling it the Birthday Party, and not referencing ANYONE he might know.  He was all excited.

So then when he saw Jack & Allison, Erica he was all about let's go play.

Although I had to laugh, Gymbo the Clown wants the birthday person to go first... J really wanted to Ali at that moment in time.  Maybe an idea for his birthday in February...

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  1. Ha! I am cracking up at the poor guy thinking it was time for daycare!