Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Mommy Matthew!"

Last night we were supposed to attend a Cubs game in the PNC Club at Wriggly Field, but Mr. M's boss (the one who gave him the tickets) had him stuck in a meeting in Elgin until 6. 

This is the meeting that was scheduled for 8:30, and why my darling monkey was at his grandparents Monday night.  Since Grandma said she could watch J another night, Mr. M stayed up in Elgin to avoid the evening 290 construction hindered rush back into the city.

And I went out with my awesome friend Kari for some girl time.  We often get together, but more & more it has been less about us beyond quick updates and more about keeping a certain little boy entertained & happy.  He has been joining our breakfast, lunch & dinner dates since he was just weeks old.  In fact Kari mentioned last Friday, as J threw the hot pad, "Do you remember when he'd just sleep peacefully while we ate?"

I generally don't do these things because I feel horribly guilty leaving J behind, when I work so much.  If I stayed at home, I know I wouldn't feel nearly the same guilt.  But, right now, we are where we are...

Anyway... As is my modus operanda, and thankfully Kari loves me for it... Enjoys it herself...

I started talking about J.  The funny, cute, hilarious things he's doing.

Like, "I need pee" or "I get treat Mommy" while potty-training. 

Or more hysterically, wait, I need to give some back story...

J is a typical 2 1/2-year-old boy.  He's energetic, he adorable, he's testing his limits.  At times, testing how far he can stress my nerves & patience.  As a result, he has heard his first & middle name multiple times in a tense, and highly annoyed voice. 

So this weekend, I had just lectured him about getting into stuff he shouldn't, and to go play with his toys, when I sniffed out he'd pooped. 

Me:  J come on & I'll change your diaper

J:  No Mommy!  (run around the house)

Me:  (off for the chase, directing him towards Payton, as she runs a great block)

J: (seeing I'm closing in, and he either gives up or risks Payton joining in the chase - drops to the ground announcing)  Mommy Matthew!

It was all I could do to not laugh at him.  As we were walking to the bedroom for a quick change I said, "Well, I have to hand it to you kiddo, you've got the inflection, if not the context down perfect!"

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