Monday, August 2, 2010

First Sprinkler Run...

With our having the pool, J doesn't usually get to play in the everyday sprinkler in our yard. Last summer, we had a cool little pool for him, but never the unadulterated fun of a sprinkler. Partly because Mr. M & I are horrible at watering our poor grass.

Seriously, how it is not dead is by shear luck of rainfalls.

However, Grandma & Grandpa P are awesome at getting things back in working order while visiting. And I love that my Dad does not mind coming to complete his annual Daddy Do List. After getting my bushes all trimmed, and teaching me how to do it for next year, and getting our bathroom door put back on its hinges after a certain boy crashed into it, watering our lawn was next.

J was so fascinated by it. He immediately took off to explore it.

Then laughter ensued.
Then he announced: I'm all wet! with the biggest giggle of childhood innocent laughter.

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