Monday, August 30, 2010

It needed a little something...

Or at least J thought so...

I'm not going to get into all the nitty gritty details, as that may seem like I'm placing blame - but here are the highlights:

A pen was removed from it's high & safe place on our fridge to create a list of what to grab at Costco while I stayed home with J while he napped on Sunday.

Said pen was not returned to it's proper (read: out of reach of the little man) storage location.

Dinner was completed, and I ran to the bathroom.  When I left, J was was strapped in his booster seat eating ice cream.  When I returned, he was redecorating our couch.

Please note:  J does not yet know how to release himself from captivity unsnap his chair.   :)

Luckily I had some Pledge dust wipes on hand, as they also clean leather.  And lucky for us, that includes ink from leather. 

J on the other hand, was rather sad his pictures were gone.  But he was very helpful in showing me his pictures.
Drawing sites included:  Loveseat arm rests and right couch cushion, and Couch right armrest. 

picture from 2nd birthday party

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  1. Oh thank goodness you were able to clean it up! Ha!