Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Letter

I received homework for Jacob... The best homework I've ever done...

Copying here for safe keeping... Version sent to J is hand printed.

Dearest Jacob –

To my wonderful and sweet and delightful little man. You light up my world with your yearning to learn. You have amazed Daddy and me this year with how easily you adapted to full day school. How happy you are when we work on your words or other homework assignment. Even when you are frustrated or just over it, you humor us with doing it again. Thank you for that!!!

I love to listen to you laugh. Sharing your belly jiggling giggles over Stink and his latest adventure is simply the best part of my day. I delight in your creativity. When you morph yourself into a Power Ranger, I’m amazed at how naturally you fill the leadership role of your team. You are always off to conquer evil. Or to find something about a situation that makes you giggle, and all around you, laugh uncontrollably.

I love your energy. Whether you are playing sports, or doing cartwheels or handstands or practicing your Super Samurai moves or simply wanting to take a turn on the elliptical, you go full speed. Your enthusiasm encourages me to be better.

I cannot thank you enough for the pleasure of being your Mommy. I love you all the world and back again Monkey!!


I cannot believe he will be 5 on Saturday... How readily I recall this day 5 years ago.  Instead of spending it working, I was spending it worrying.  Completing my last biophysical profile.  Worrying I would never make to the day I would have homework to complete.  Waiting so impatiently for Saturday, February 9th to get here... At 39w 0d, my OB had agreed we could deliver c-section removing me from bedrest that started a week before Christmas. 

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