Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For the love of sports...

Ahh... We have finally made a decision on summer sports.  And I'm content with it.  And so very thankful, Mr. M listened to my recommendation, reasoning behind said recommendation, and then agreed with my recommendation. 

T-ball last summer was an exercise in patience.  J enjoyed hitting the ball.  He enjoyed the team stuff.  He especially loved chasing butterflies.  Really loved chasing the butterflies.  Standing - watching all the balls be hit to other people?  Yeah, not so much.  {See - chasing butterflies}

Come fall, J actually surprised Matt & I with how into soccer he became this year.  I love this, as FRA's fall school spirit programs are based on supporting the soccer team.  Plus, he seems to have more of a running back type frame, and I'm not interested in seeing my little man get crushed under some line backer.  

Winter has been all about basketball.  J LOVES it.  LOVES IT.  I love it.  I love how natural dribbling is coming to him.  How he is learning to shoot one handed to get proper form over just throwing the ball up there & hoping it goes in.  Another thing I love about the Y... The lowered hoops to also encourage the good form.  Uncle Jeff would be so proud...  

Now we are looking at Spring sports.  Summer sports.  And I was feeling overwhelmed.  At first it was a given, he'd do tball.  But talking to him, he also wanted to do soccer.  And at first for us, it was a no brainer.  He'd do both.

But something held me back.  Something kept me from enrolling him online in both.  Instead, I wanted until the last week, then attended a soccer public sign-up, and learned about it.  2 practices a week, generally Tuesday's and Thursday's - then a game every Saturday morning.  Add that to the 1 practice a week with games every Sunday for tball, and I just could not imagine this going well.  

First of all... What 5 year old, not already destined for the Olympics needs to be in practice 3 nights a week, plus 2 game days.  This starts in March.  3 FULL MONTHS before school gets out.  EEK!!!

Needless to say, after meeting with the soccer staff, I was certain we wanted to do soccer, so it was tball that really held me back. 

Circling back to the Y... Tball at the Y.  Tball inside.  6 weeks - 1 day a week.  6 glorious weeks of not freezing or boiling.

Yes, soccer will still leave us open to the elements.  And yes, soccer may interfere with Tball.  But Tball at the Y - cheap in comparison to the $220 price tag the city league charges. 

Thereby we will have a fair chance to experience soccer & put J in a better position for what he wants to do next summer.  Each year he is maturing into his older person.  Into his own personality.  From wanting to be responsible for dressing himself to showering with only a watchful eye ensuring he gets all those little boy crevices.

We want to keep him exposed to the various sports.  We don't want to make the decisions for him.  But I also cannot imagine him so busy in addition to school. 

And let's not talk about summer care... It's not final yet, but right now it looks like J will spend 1 night a week - 2 days with Grandma & Grandpa, then a day with Miss Cheryl, a day with Daddy, then another day with Miss Cheryl.  If we had to keep all those practices straight on top of the daily transfer of care, I'm certain something will fall thru the cracks. 

Yes, I'm already looking to next summer... The Y takes children 6+ for all day summer care.  Field trips, swimming, running other kids, crafts, care from 6a to 630p daily, and mommy never has to say good night over the phone. 

I know this summer will be awesome for J.  I know the experiences will be great.  And I know he will love getting weekly sleepovers.  But that won't change mommy missing her nightly snuggles during story time... Or the overnight snuggles that are ever so slowly dwindling.  It started with J not coming until the early morning hours, and grown to some nights he doesn't join us at all.  On his own, he is naturally building independence.  He is growing wings and flying. 

For now, we will cherish the time we have.  We will cherish the moments we share.  And Mommy will continue to try & not over schedule us so we miss the most important moments.

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