Monday, January 28, 2013

Reading, Writing - things to love

J has done outstanding so far on his sight words for his spelling tests - both written & read.  To say we are proud of him would be a supreme understatement. 

I love how bedtime story has become - "let me read..." {insert words} from the pages I read. 

I love his excitement.

I love watching him gain confidence in sounding out words and trusting himself to *know* what he is reading.

I love watching the knowledge grow and grow...

Most of all - I love me love notes.

See J has taken to writing me a love note to stick under my pillow each night - only to be found upon my going to bed.  This brings him such joy.  Generally, it is the same message, but my heart could not handle any more pleasure in those moments.

"Jacob M love Mom love Jacob"

I know when I send notes in his lunch, he is starting to be able to read them & they bring unexpected smiles to his face.  They encourage him to continue to work on his spelling words, as I try to incorporate one or two each day.  This is a new thing.  Not every day.  But an unexpected note, for the most wonderful blessing I have ever been granted in my life.

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